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Seeing The Forest Through The Trees

February 20, 2012

Emily Briggs

Coffee and roses

Manhattan is a paradoxical place. In one of the world’s most densely populated, bustling places, finding a moment’s peace on a tranquil morning is simply blissful.

That is, until you have to go to school …

Columbia's Teachers CollegeThis weekend, my conflict resolution course met for a special weekend of mandatory workshops, which meant I had the rare experience of spending most of my time cooped up in lecture halls and conference rooms. It was both illuminating and exhausting. After long days of lectures, exercises, and reflections, I came home and curled up with my latest New Yorker feeling depleted and dreary.

Most days, I’m amazed at how fast this year is going by and how fortunate I am, but every once in awhile I yearn to be nestled back into the workforce, settled and smiling. But as the weekend came to a close and the weather flirted with Spring, the birds sang and the crickets chirped, I took a sip of my early morning coffee and remembered just how revitalizing tranquility can be.

In case you’ve leafed through all of your New Yorkers, here’s a little sustainability reading for the week ahead. Happy Monday!

Do you ever have trouble seeing the forest through the trees? How do you cope? Is there any reading I should add to this list?

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  1. February 20, 2012

    Haha thanks Jennifer. I’ve been looking to brush up on my sustainability reporting skills and my understanding of various reporting frameworks (Global Reporting Initiative, Carbon Disclosure Project, etc.) and it’s always nice having exemplars to see how others are going about the task. It’s a great report – SSC should be proud!

    Warmly, Emily

  2. February 20, 2012

    How flattering to be mentioned in your reading list! I promise that our 2011 Sustainability Report is shorter than the Greenbiz 2012 State of Green Business Report!

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