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The Emily Briggs Best of Sustainability: 2011

January 19, 2012

Emily Briggs


Having stood on the shoulders of environmental giants and business innovators for decades, the sustainability movement is gaining momentum at an incredible pace. Keeping up to speed is near impossible, but hey, can you blame a gal for trying?

Below is an anthology of some of the most memorable, innovative or nifty sustainability-related miscellanea that came into my world in 2011. Enjoy! Read more

Surviving Finals Season

December 15, 2011

Emily Briggs

Rockefeller Holidays

Let’s be clear. I no longer have the patience or tolerance to pull all-nighters, nor do I enjoy cramming. I certainly don’t find that any of these practices lead to effective learning, and perhaps most of all, they’re incredibly exhausting. But we all know that academic semesters are punctuated by extreme workflow fluctuations and as November came to an end, I couldn’t help but brace myself (everything is fine, fine, la dee da … then suddenly, it’s end-of-semester pandemonium!).

Having been off the school circuit for a while, I was really curious to see how the organizational and priority management skills that I got from my professional experiences would help me not only cope, but also maintain some semblance of balance throughout finals season. This became a little competition I had with myself: to see how well I could learn and perform while preserving a positive school-life balance. Read more

What I’m Learning

November 1, 2011

Emily Briggs

Fall in NYC

I’ve never been good at correspondence. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, but in practice I have an embarrassing track record. This is a true shame because snail mail, little inbox delights and surprise phone calls all thrill me beyond words. And perhaps now more than ever, I miss dearly the spectrum of friends, colleagues and family that I’ve left peppered across my former lands. But despite the lack of paper trail, I do think of them constantly and, as time has passed, we’ve each settled into our own unique ways of staying in touch.

One refrain I hear often is curiosities about what I’m learning. This is a tricky one to answer, not only because the insights and revelations happen constantly, but also because I’m learning in so many different ways. I learn in class, yes, but I also learn when I walk down the street, or have a conversation with someone in the park, or when I visit a museum, exhibit or gallery, or savor a smoky jazz show. Taking a year off from my career is a privilege and something that I want to take full advantage of, so I’m making it my business to soak it up voraciously.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity.
There is no cure for curiosity.”

- Dorothy Parker

With that, I thought I’d do my best to pick out some of the more influential experiences and learnings and share them here, one by one. If you feel that there’s something that I’ve missed, I’m wide open to suggestions and encourage you to send them in!


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